Digital Class

Next session 11/11/18 - 02/03/19, no class on 12/30/18
Beginner Class
Sunday 4 - 6 pm


Students will learn the basics of digital illustration and photo-manipulation techniques through Adobe Photoshop. The class will cover how to use the different tools and functions and apply traditional art theory to create interesting finished pieces.

What to Prepare:

  1. Students are required to bring their own laptop to work on with
    Adobe Creative Cloud and Photoshop installed on their computer before class starts (subscribe to the $9.99 Basic Photography plan).   
  1. Students are also expected to bring their own drawing tablet. If you do not already have one, the recommended model is: 

We will begin by introducing the tools and UI, material will be provided on first day of class.



~ Student work ~

Daniel X.


Cassie G.   

Ella S.


About the Instructor:

Halleck Cui graduated from Academy of Art University with a BFA in Animation & VFX. He has been working in the video-game industry for 7+ years as an illustrator and 3D artist on AAA titles and indie games. Photoshop has been an essential tool to his everyday job and is avid on helping beginners gain a strong foundation of the digital medium.

Advanced Class
Sunday 6:30-8:30pm

Having learned fundamental tools and techniques in Adobe Photoshop, the advanced course will guide students through creating industry-level digital painting with the use of graphic design concepts for more complex and compelling illustrations.

Instructor: Halleck Cui


~Student Work~

Andrew Z.

Daniel X.

Celine L.

Ella S.