Digital Media

What to Prepare:

  1. Students are required to bring their own laptop to work on with 
    Adobe Creative Cloud and Photoshop installed on their computer before class starts (subscribe to the $9.99 Basic Photography plan).   

  1. Students are also expected to bring their own drawing tablet. If you do not already have one, the recommended model is: 
Next session 2/23/19 - 05/11/19
Photoshop Class - Beginner
Saturdays 6:30 - 8:30 pm

Students will learn the basics of digital illustration and photo-manipulation techniques through Adobe Photoshop. The class will cover how to use the different tools and functions and apply traditional art theory to create interesting finished pieces. We will begin by introducing the tools and UI.


~ Student work ~

Daniel X.


Cassie G.   

Ella S.

Next session 2/24/19 - 05/12/19
Photoshop Class - Advanced 
Sundays 4pm -6pm

Having learned fundamental tools and techniques in Adobe Photoshop, the advanced course will guide students through creating industry-level digital painting with the use of graphic design concepts for more complex and compelling illustrations.


~Student Work~

Andrew Z.

Daniel X.

Celine L.

Ella S.

Next session 2/24/19 - 05/12/19
Animation Class
Sundays 6:30 - 8:30 pm

In the animation class, students will illustrate sequential images in Photoshop to create traditional 2D animation using the techniques learned from previous Photoshop courses. Students will use the tools and methods in Photoshop and learn about the natural movement of things in relation with how digital video works.