Summer Intensive Course-High School

   June 26, 2017 - August 4, 2017

Monday to Thursday  6:30pm to 9:30pm

Age 14 year old and up 

Age 13 year old or younger recommended by instructor only

            This course is designed to strengthen students’ ability to observe from life, conceptualize, analyze and create. Students will be introduced to a College-level environment of work and speed. Our summer intensive course will focus on students producing exceptional quality of artworks to be used for college applications or AP art portfolios.

           In this intensive course, students will focus on a immersion of rigorous visual and critical inquiry, designed to encourage and also challenge their current level of skill. Our instructors will guide students to sharpen their observational skills, gain speed of work process, develop various techniques, and learn to analyze and discuss their works of art. Over this intensive course, students will become familiar with speed drawing and palette paintings, line drawings of live/figure models, and observational skills in drawing moving animals.

          We are also introducing class critiques to the course. Students will practice discussing their artworks at the end of each class. Critiques serve as an important guidepost as students refine their artworks and thought process; sharing work with others is an essential element of learning and developing. As students learn to present and discuss their work in front of faculty and fellow peers, they will grow more confident and comfortable with articulating their goals and receiving constructive feedback.

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