Portfolio Programs

2019 Summer Art Portfolio Program

8th to 11th grade

                                                      This course is designed for high school and middle school students who are considering major in art or major in science but using art as their extra curriculum or who are planning to take AP Studio Art in high school.  This course is highly intensive, focusing on building skills and producing high quality artworks and get you prepared for college application and/or AP fine art portfolios.

      Objectives of the program

·         Get a head start on your high school art, AP Studio Art or your college application art portfolio

How does this work

·         Set a time to meet with instructor and create a personalized plan.

·         Take as many classes as possible. Recommended to commit at least 8 classes/week (such as two classes per day, four days per week.)

Date: You choose any weeks during summer.

Time: You can choose any classes on the Class Schedule

Fee: $1800 for 6weeks, $2000 for 7 weeks, $2200 for 8weeks,

You can take unlimited classes during those weeks. You may also get half price for the Summer Life Drawing & Painting classes if you register both programs . Digital class is paid separately.


These classes are
focusing on building skills and producing high quality artworks for high school students who are planning to build portfolio for college application for art related major or as extra curriculum for non art major colleges or planning to take AP Studio Art in high school.  
        When a highly selective college evaluates applicants, they look at the SAT, GPA, achievements, commitments and personality of a student. There are an overwhelming number of applicants who meet the GPA and SAT requirement. Therefore, other attributes of the applicant becomes very important (sometime decisive) factors in getting your students admitted into the desired colleges. All of these colleges accept fine art as the supplementary application material, along with music recordings, performing art videos and athletic records.  A competitive fine art portfolio can showcase the achievement, commitment, and personality of the applicants to the college admission office.    

Please visit us and talk to the teachers. Or make appointment with our portfolio program coordinator. 

All instructors for this program have had college level teaching experience or are currently teaching in college in U.S.

      USArts has many years of experience helping students creating their art portfolios. Our students create works that reflect the skills, quality and personality that highly competitive schools are looking for in their prospective students. In the past, many students from USArts has used their art portfolio to increase their chances for their target schools, and have got into colleges such as the RISD (Rhode Island School of Design), Art center College of Design in Pasadena,  Harvard, MIT, Stanford, U. Penn, Columbia, Williams, Carnegie Mellon, USC's Animation, Pasadena Art Center College of Design, Cal Tech, Dartmouth, UCLA's art program, UC Berkeley's Regent Scholarship, UCSD's Med Scholarship, etc.

Please email usarts.sd@gmail.com or call 858-484-7690